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The Honourable Voices of Four Women Killed In Kingston

Somewhere in the calm setting of an Islamic cemetery in Laval, Quebec lie four headstones belonging to four women, all members of a single family. Neatly arranged next to each other, they share color, style and design. A Farsi gender-specific religious title for deceased (Marhoome) is prefixed to their names. One verse of Koran, in Arabic, decorates all four gravestones: “Yea, enter thou My Heaven!” But it was their mortal lives, the very hellish existence that they had to endure, which is more telling. Who were these people? And how did they, all originally from Afghanistan, end up buried, thousands of kilometers away, in the serene surroundings of a town in Quebec?

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Surging into Disaster: Obama's Doomed Troop Surge

U.S. President Barak Obama promised the world change and hope; however as with most of his promises, he has disappointed a world that was hopeful for an American president not hell-bent on imperialist expansion. This especially applies to his policy decisions on Afghanistan. Obama approved a surge of 30,000 troops, totaling the U.S. military presence there to 100,000 and the total coalition military presence (including Canada’s) to 140,000.

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Part One of a Series: Opium in Afghanistan

After eight years of occupation in Afghanistan, the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has not been able to meet any of the mandates they had set out to accomplish in late 2001. These goals included the permanent defeat and dismantling of the Taliban, eradication of opium production, and establishing a democratic national government. Critically examining all of these aspects of the development of Afghanistan, it is easy to see that the ISAF, namely the US, UK and Canada, have not even begun to accomplish any of these goals.

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Karzai Declared President


Hamid Karzai, arguably the most out of favour candidate of the recent elections, has been declared president. Of course, it is practically impossible for any unpopular political figure to win in a fair and truly democratic election. Undeniably, the Afghan elections were a sham.It is clear that this fact could not be disputed, even by the western powers, when the puppet government seceded to demands for a runoff election.

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Malalai Joya’s Message: “Canada Out of Afghanistan!”

Toronto hosts no shortage of events that progressive-minded people find of interest. However, a recent talk given by Malalai Joya, an expelled Afghan MP, was one of the best I have ever attended. Her denouncement of the NATO occupation of her native Afghanistan, coupled with her opposition to the Taliban as well as the Islamic Fundamentalist regime in Iran was particularly powerful.  

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