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Drop Fees campaign: Strategy and tactics to build the student movement

On 1st February, thousands of students across Canada rallied on the National Day of Action against tuition fees. Tuition fees across Canada have skyrocketed. In Ontario, where tuition fees are the highest in Canada, fees have increased by over 300% since the early 1990s and now stand at an average of $6,640. Students are increasingly realizing that unless they take a stand against a government agenda of neglect for post-secondary education, their financial situation and debt load will continue to deteriorate. For many working-class youth, education is out of reach altogether.

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“Doctor” Drummond’s bad medicine: Top banker sees bleak capitalist future for Ontario

“Doctor” Drummond has issued his prescription for Ontario’s economy.  The patient is deeply sick and will not recover his vitality without a prolonged period of painful and debilitating treatment.  Drummond’s bloodletting shows that not even the capitalists have any faith in the viability of their system moving forward.  Workers and their organizations need to come to the realization that, under capitalism, good times are not ahead and this austerity is the only possible future unless we do away with the present system.

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Workers, Get Organized!

The Afghan-Iranian Youth Network believes that one of the central means of improving the conditions of working people, whether they be Afghan, Iranian or any other nationality, is through building of labour unions in our workplaces. Having a union is a first step to providing a means for workers to fight, as a collective, against their employers.

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Students and Social Change

Students have always been on the forefront of social change. Schools and post-secondary institutions are places that have traditionally fostered social and academic exchange and dialogue.

The late sixties and seventies were important years for the student movement globally. All across the United States, students were protesting the Vietnam War and other U.S. policies such as on women’s rights and civil rights. In France, the student riots provoked what could be known as the largest worker’s general strike in the world, that pushed France to the brink of revolution and had a profound effect on the country’s current social structures. The fall of South-African Apartheid was also aided through the involvement of students who pressured their own universities and governments to divest.

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Summer 2009 Garbage Strike

Ontario Workers: Clear Shift to the Left

The crisis of capitalist system has thrown the world into convulsions over the last year. The economic collapse has exposed the bankruptcy of capitalism as an economic system, and has rallied the different bourgeois governments to the task of struggling for the system’s survival. They are now talking about green shoots of recovery. All evidences prove that “Recovery”, when it comes, will be even worse for us workers and people: it will mean more cuts and more attacks on our wages, pensions and overall standard of living.

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