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Western imperialism’s war-mongering against Iran: End imperialist aggression and sanctions!

Over the past weeks tensions between Iran and the West have been moving towards a boiling point. The imposition of strict sanctions by the US and its allies is already being felt in Iran and threatens to cripple the economy. Alongside these sanctions, military excursions into the Gulf on both sides, Iran’s test firing of missiles, the assassination of Iranian scientists, the bringing down of an unmanned US drone by Iran, and a constant war of words is threatening to cause an armed clash between Israel and the United States on one side, and Iran on the other.

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Iran and the threat of war: What should our attitude be?

Once again Israeli and American imperialism are sabre rattling in the Middle East. This time Iran is the target. Over the course of the last ten years one sanction after another has been placed on Iran in order to pressure it to abort its nuclear programme.

In the course of the last couple of years the imperialists have upped the stakes in the conflict over Iran’s nuclear programme. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called Iran “an existential threat” to Israel and has said that the Israeli regime would do whatever it takes to stop the Iranian nuclear programme.

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Bahman 22nd – Iranian Protest Movement Faces Fierce Repression

As we speak, the protest movement continues in the cities of Iran clashing with the police, facing arrests, tear gas and the overall repressive state apparatus. Cities across Iran are alive with people’s justified rage in cities such as Tehran, Ahvaz, Esfahan Rasht, among many others. Rallies continued all day, while government sanctioned demonstrations celebrating the 31 anniversary of the Islamic Republic.

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Iranian Protestors Realize the Necessity of Defending Themselves Against State Repression

"Non-Violence" or the Perpetuation of Organized Violence

Violence is one of the most ugly features of the world we live in. It exists in different forms but the most vicious and wicked part of it is engaged in by governments and states of the world who use their police, army and “legal system” to uphold the status quo. We have seen time and time again that whenever workers and people move to change the society, they are met with the harshest violence from their governments.

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The Mistake of Hugo Chavez and Various Leftists

Following the much controversial Iranian summer elections, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez was among the first in the international community to publically express support in what he viewed as the legitimate victory of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Chavez owes his democratically elected victories in Venezuela as a champion of progressive and pro-working class legislation and on the promise of extending those gains in a country where more than 80% live under the poverty line. On the other hand, the Islamic Republic is a theocratic state where electoral candidates must pass the judgment of unelected mullahs and where anti-worker legislation is fierce. In this resource wealthy country, 90% live in poverty – a huge regression from the Iranian people’s aims during the 1979 revolution.

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