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The Afghan-Iranian Youth Network is a grassroots, self-funded and working class oriented youth network. Our publication, Nedayeh Mardom, comes out once every two months – but our organizing work extends beyond the production of a publication. We plan on taking a larger role in the workers struggle (union drives, etc…), organizing events in the community among other plans.

As I’m sure we all realize, printing and organizing take funds. As such, we expect progressive individuals, particularly from the Iranian or Afghan community, to step up and contribute to youth organizing themselves.

You can help out by taking out a subscription, giving donations or taking up advertising space in the newspaper or website. Subscriptions also allow you to receive the paper by mail.

Subscription (Canada Prices)

Worker/Student Rate

1 Year (6 Issues) - $15

2 Years (12 Issues) - $25

Solidarity/Well-Waged Rate

1 Year (6 Issues) - $30

2 Years (12 Issues) – 50$

Note: Prices are subject to change as our paper gets larger, and get produced more regularly. Subscriptions to outside of Canada may also cost more because of postage prices.


You can make either a one-time donation or you can get a regular monthly donation plan. Thus far, many progressive elders in our community have taken up the regular donation and we do encourage this.

Remember that we younger progressive Iranians need resources to continue our work. Older revolutionaries need to help us expand our work – as we carry forward the torch of a previous generation of committed activists.


For now, contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We will be setting up a pay-pal account in the near future for convenience.


Drop Fees campaign: Strategy and tactics to build the student movement

Drop Fees campaign: Strategy and tactics to build the student movement

On 1st February, thousands of students across Canada rallied on the National Day of Action against tuition fees. Tuition fees across Canada have skyrocketed. In Ontario, where tuition fees are the highest in Canada, fees have increased by over 300% since the early 1990s and now stand at an average of $6,640. Students are increasingly realizing that unless they take a stand against a government agenda of neglect for post-secondary education, their financial situation and debt load will continue to deteriorate. For many working-class youth, education is out of reach altogether. Read more

 Western imperialism’s war-mongering against Iran: End imperialist aggression and sanctions!

Western imperialism’s war-mongering against Iran: End imperialist aggression and sanctions!

Over the past weeks tensions between Iran and the West have been moving towards a boiling point. The imposition of strict sanctions by the US and its allies is already being felt in Iran and threatens to cripple the economy. Alongside these sanctions, military excursions into the Gulf on both sides, Iran’s test firing of missiles, the assassination of Iranian scientists, the bringing down of an unmanned US drone by Iran, and a constant war of words is threatening to cause an armed clash between Israel and the United States on one side, and Iran on the other. Read more

The Honourable Voices of Four Women Killed In Kingston

The Honourable Voices of Four Women Killed In Kingston

Somewhere in the calm setting of an Islamic cemetery in Laval, Quebec lie four headstones belonging to four women, all members of a single family. Neatly arranged next to each other, they share color, style and design. A Farsi gender-specific religious title for deceased (Marhoome) is prefixed to their names. One verse of Koran, in Arabic, decorates all four gravestones: “Yea, enter thou My Heaven!” But it was their mortal lives, the very hellish existence that they had to endure, which is more telling. Who were these people? And how did they, all originally from Afghanistan, end up buried, thousands of kilometers away, in the serene surroundings of a town in Quebec?

Read more


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A group of Afghan and Iranian youth who have come together to build a network of organized progressive youth in our communities across Ontario.

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