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Surging into Disaster: Obama's Doomed Troop Surge

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U.S. President Barak Obama promised the world change and hope; however as with most of his promises, he has disappointed a world that was hopeful for an American president not hell-bent on imperialist expansion. This especially applies to his policy decisions on Afghanistan. Obama approved a surge of 30,000 troops, totaling the U.S. military presence there to 100,000 and the total coalition military presence (including Canada’s) to 140,000.

Although the troop surge is already in motion due to widespread bipartisan support among both Democrats and Republicans, there are more and more voices coming out in opposition. Not only is the troop surge poised to fail militarily, the political strategy is also equally flawed. After having been engaged in Afghanistan for almost a decade, the imperialist powers must surely be aware that the foreign occupation of their country will never be welcomed or accepted by Afghans.

This war of conquest is justified through the demonization of a people, who are described as a people that can’t help themselves. Because of this, the Afghan people will have to endure increasing imperialist presence, along with increasing civilian causalities that are ignored by a corrupt Afghan government that is under direct American influence. With a U.S. led troop surge, civilian casualties will no doubt further increase (they’ve doubled the past year) and in response this will give an excuse for Islamic Terrorists to recruit and increase their ranks. In reality, the occupation by their erstwhile masters is the best gift to Taliban and co.

With such a disastrous and predictable outcome, what is then the purpose of this troop surge? To answer this question, one has to look at what an imperialist would have their eyes on these days: oil rich Iran. Once this troop surge in Afghanistan is complete and if in the meantime the status quo is maintained in Iraq, then Iran would be flanked by almost 300,000 foreign soldiers.

Clearly, the purpose of the war in Afghanistan and this troop surge is an expansion of the imperialist conquest of the greater Middle East. That is in fact what 133 of Canada’s soldiers have died for, along with thousands of innocent Afghan civilians whose deaths are rarely reported in major Western media.

We should demand a quick withdrawal of all Canadian and other forces, be they combat battalions or “peace guards”. That will be the first step for progressive forces inside Afghanistan to be able to win the political battles and untie people against the internal reaction for a better Afghanistan in future.